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November 20, 2009
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CHROMATIKS page 02 by tuan-hollaback CHROMATIKS page 02 by tuan-hollaback
"À la Conquête de l’West"
Comic book for CHROMATIKS

Mood: Dreaming
Listening to: Nipsey Hu$$le – “Bullets Ain’t Got No Name Vol.2”
Reading: Alessandro Gomarasca - “;Poupées, robots : la culture pop japonaise”
Watching: “Get Rich Or Die Tryin’” (yeah I know that movie is so laaaaaaame)
Playing: Valkyria Chronicles (PS3) & Apollo Justice Ace Attorney (DS)

As some of you know, I stopped drawing at the age of 17-18 years old and restarted more than six years later. Before my return, my last official project was “Who We Be”, a comic book I did for my “;projet de matu” in 2002. Since that time, I haven’t had the chance to draw a comic. A lot of people think I’m only into illustrations, but that’s not true: my real love is doing comics / mangas. I did so many of ‘em from 11 to 17 years old, especially with my brother from another, Bernardo. Telling a story with my vision and style gives me a feeling that even the purest coke would not hahaha.

In 2008, the beatmaker and friend ChromatikS ([link]) prepared a G-Funk album called “À la Conquête de l’West” that included songs from French, Swiss, American, and Japanese artists. And he wanted me to draw the album cover and also a strip cartoon inside the booklet. So that’s why I’d like to thank him for allowing me to recover my first love in drawing. He had confidence in me for the script and design even though he knew I was like a retiree drawing. He also let me do everything that I wanted, even if sometimes he called me during the night telling me he wasn’t sure the scenario and the comical tone were good. But I definitely think we did the right choice.

We had a few problems, mostly technical ones. The album was supposed to be released 1 June 2009, so it was stressful from time to time (I had my university exams at the same time). But it was all good, because it was so fun to get ideas. I think the comic book “À la Conquête de l’West” really represents my return to drawing because I did everything from A to Z with all my heart. And that’s what I love: passionate people using their heart instead of their head. ChromatikS is one of them.

I always considered the world as a potential for fiction. That’s why I love comic books that much: you take elements from the real world and mix them with your imagination. Then you create your own blueprint. A lot of time, people (even my close friends) say that I’m a weirdo living in another dimension. But I think everybody needs its own space. Let me take an example. Do you know the story of the king and the well? Once upon a time in a kingdom, people found a strange well that appeared to be magic: all those who drank its water became mad. And after a while, the king was the only normal person in his kingdom. So he decided to drink water from that source and became mad too. Everybody was considered as “ordinary” after that.

I’m like the king of this tale, except I refuse to drink from the well. “Madness” is just a point of view. I’m not as weird as most people think. I’m only me. And I’m glad to feel, see, hear, and do things that most people cannot. When you’re on the other side of the mirror, you have to accept it. But people watching you should do the same. I regret it’s rarely the case.

However, I do agree that I’m always dreaming. But if I don’t dream, who’s gonna do it for me? That’s my “Radical Dreamer” point of view: making dreams reality.

Finally, if you enjoy “À la Conquête de l’West” humor, drawing and spirit, it means you’ll also appreciate a part of me. And you’ll realise I was right not to drink water from this well. Often, people do not like me for what I seem to be but for what I do. I am not very good with people, so I invite you to learn more about me by discovering my artistic universe. “À la Conquête de l’West” will give you a good taste of it.

Thank you and good reading.

_Tuân aka “The Radical Dreamer”


ChromatikS album is still available. Here’s how you can order it (or hit me up):

.:Switzerland & International:.

- ChromatikS’ MySpace


- 187 Prod:


- AucFan

- Bounce City

- Calamel

- CaliFunk Music

- Juicy Records

- Star Nite Records

We did not conquer the west but the east instead !...
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